AGM 2013

Strategic Themes

  1. Representation and Recruitment
  2. Networking
  3. Support
  4. Stewardship

Association “Ways of Being”

  1. Servant
  2. Influencer

Vision Statement

AIS NZ equips member schools to make an increasingly distinctive and influential contribution to Special Character education in New Zealand.

Mission Statement

Through exemplary representation, networking, support and stewardship AIS NZ will provide a service to member schools, in particular Proprietors, Boards and Principals enabling enhancement of Special Character and positioning amongst New Zealand’s most influential schools.

Objects and Charitable Purposes of the Association of Integrated Schools New Zealand

  1. To advance education in New Zealand and in particular to advance education in New Zealand which includes a commitment to teaching spiritual moral truths and values for a particular educational philosophy.
  2. To safeguard and promote the interests of Integrated Schools, particularly member schools.
  3. To encourage the formation of new integrated schools, particularly those who will be eligible for membership of the Association.
  4. To promote public interest in, and support for, Integrated Schools, particularly those who are members of the Association.
  5. To safeguard and improve the terms of employment and working conditions of those working in member schools.
  6. To act in co-operation with the Government or any other institution, authority, Board, society or committee working for the advancement of education and the promotion of the objects of the Association.
  7. To affiliate with any other associations or organisations which have similar objects.

Strategic Plan and Areas for Action

  1. Representation
    1. Further establish AIS NZ niche/brand relative to the APIS, the MoE, State Schools and Private Schools
    2. Build “presence” in key forums (APIS, MoE, and Minister of Education)
    3. Elevated “presence” enhances Association advocacy on key issues (Attendance Due Review, Review of the Integration Act, Property Policy, etc.)
    4. Research and Case Studies
  2. Networking
    1. Enhance the quality and influence of the AIS NZ conferences
    2. Embed “road trips” on a three to four year cycle as a regular practice to increase visibility and relationship
  3. Support
    1. Further upgrade AIS NZ website
    2. Develop Principal induction resources
    3. Develop Proprietor/Board Professional Development resources
    4. Develop generic Special Character Review resources
  4. Stewardship
    1. Establish a three to four year budget overview to align with Strategic Plan
    2. Review sponsorship programme and set objectives