Conference Keynote and Workshop Presentations :

ANZ Economist – Michael Callaghan – Available to Conference Delegates on request

APIS – Paul Ferris – APIS Conference Presentation June 2019

NZSTA – Sue Cotter – Please contact NZSTA if you require further information

NZSTA Board-meetings

NZSTA Board-meetings-resolutions-by-electronic-means

NZSTA Filling-casual-vacancies-of-elected-trustees-

NZSTA Public-excluded-business

NZSTA The-role-of-chair

Jay Geldard – Student Wellbeing –

Ramon Utting – Staff Wellbeing – Strength based Organisations Handout     Strengths based organisations

Ministry of Education – Sarah Taylor/Nash Anand/Vanessa Harrold – MINISTRY OF EDUCATION PRESENTATION

Kris Morrison Keynote – AIS Keynote Kris 2019

Wayne Facer – Banked Staffing – Integrated Schools banked staffing seminar June 2019

Carolyn Stuart – Carolyn Stuart – Navigating the Future as a Faith-Based School Summary

Carolyn Stuart – Using Design Thinking to Accelerate the Impact of Change on our Schools Summary

AIS NZ Proprietor Handbook – Mark Larson – AIS NZ Proprietor Handbook

Jay Ruka & Greg Fleming – The Treaty and Faith-Based Schools –

Wayne Tacon – MoE Property –